Sent my changes before everybody for code review, got git blocked because today was demo day, and ... And asshole guy merged his own PR without code review. That conflicted with my PR. I am going to start posting the shennanigans of asshole guy from now on, just to have a record of his stupidity.

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    We can’t merge without an approval. It saves us from too many fast fingers.
    It forces someone to look at it once.
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    @irene We can merge without approval, but we don't, I requested the review several times. And usually, the one who reviews and approves is the one who merges. But stilll... That didn't happen.
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    @galileopy Guy did an asshole thing. Go get a copy of his branch that was merged.
    Revert the changes on master and push to master. Submit a PR for his changes and a PR for your changes.

    If someone asks why say it is because it was not reviewed and caused problems for you. Merge order matters and he skipped the line just to make himself look good at demo.
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    I enjoy this kind of confrontation because if someone says “you shouldn’t do that to master” you can point out that pushing to master without review was fine for the other guy so why isn’t it fine for you?
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    @irene Ehmmm, I rather not do that, He's pissing everybody off.

    He takes credit for comments in the dev channel, posting them as his own ideas on the main channel.

    When he doesn't know how to do a task, he "pairs" with someone else and let's the other do all the work.

    He ignores explicit instructions on how to do stuff.

    He pretends he knows stuff when he doesn't. And it's becoming pretty evident.

    Once, he reassigned his tickets to other people in front of the CTO, during sprint planning.

    He usually fakes connection drops during calls when he doesn't know the answer. < To witness this, is priceless

    And a few more shennanigans. I am getting my popcorn ready for when he is let go.
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    @galileopy oh like that. Right now he could be messing up the master branch. That could mean a whole bunch of pain for you.

    Maybe don’t do the thing I suggested but definitely escalate. Find the bugs he committed to do that and submit it with your gripe. When the business people get worried about the possible consequences of a rogue agent making them look bad they want to yeet the person faster.
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    @irene 🤣 well, I can infer that you're not a patient person. My experience is, if you try to make someone look bad, you end up looking like the asshole. Just let them do their shit and eventually karma will catch up.
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    @galileopy Well. I have little patience for bad code that I’m going to have to deal with.

    Long patience for other things.
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    @irene Lucky you, I realized that I can't really be intolerant with bad code. Managers give the impression that they were born in a hurry, and everybody is using that as an excuse to write like monkeys.

    Me, personally, I know for a fact that it is much faster to write clean code, once you've learned how to do it.

    But I have to wait for the whole team catch up, or until I have enough savings to transition if trying to enforce good practices gets me kicked out.
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    @galileopy Yeah I have been there before.
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