In legacyCode, somebody mixed jQuery data-toggle with custom JS triggers that toggle the target's DOM node, and to "fix" the mess, set display: block !important.

Took me too long to remember that Firefox dev tools show JS events (while my Chrome dev tools don't - why?) now I'm on the right track towards a solution...

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    Firefox showing js events on elements have been implemented after chrome implemented it.

    Look closer on the element inspection pane.
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    @petergriffin I see, then Firefox made a more intuitive UI instead of "hiding" the events in a separate tab. FF directly annotates the current DOM (like with "flex" tags for flexbox layout). Still hard to find in Chrome IMO
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    @petergriffin firefox have had some support for showing js events since before chrome existed but I think it was removed for a while when they implemented better separation for security since the old solution was not compatible.
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    @fraktalisman I never noticed, for example.
    Thanks, @petergriffin
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