Failure is not the problem.

Problem is not admitting and accepting that you failed.

Problem is not learning from your mistakes.

Problem is causing the same damage over and over again.

What's worsens the situation is defending the dumb act.

If you cannot handle failure then not only you stagnate your growth, but you also negatively affect people around you.

Mistakes make you perfect only when you fix them.

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    Failures are blessings in disguise, anyone who fails to see this is doomed to remain stupid. People who don't experience enough failure don't get far in life, because when shit hits the fan or starts getting hard they are not used to this kind of feeling and pressure, and often just quit and become stressed.
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    @SoldierOfCode totally agree. Quitting sucks but also knowing when to quit is equally important.
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    I will forever remember a rapid design approach called "fail faster" my senior taught me while working at a mobile game dev company.

    If you're capable of admitting mistakes and problems then trying a lot od things all the time and failing no longer scares you. It turns into the best iteration and learning tool
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    @Hazarth yes. Fail sooner/fail fast approach.

    My company has a term for it, T&L: Test and Learn culture.
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    The “ideals” or *cringe* “tenets” I set for my teams is “failure is the step just before innovation”. Never be too afraid of failure not to try for the big win; there is no advancement without risk.

    Also, sometimes making something fail on purpose in predictable ways shows you how to fix it. Never be afraid to try and fail, however, know when you’re bloody from running into the same wall and be willing to admit defeat.
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    Fail fast!!!
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    Nice word🤟
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