I created this game
Every time a new gamer joins his actions are recorded
When or if he deletes the account or loses it his account is renamed and he is added as an npc

Thus I can stage new interactions based off the old accounts

aren’t I clever ? I made this account and an ugly old woman shows up lol

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    Npcs spamming the n word or player killing are not that fun.
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    Is there a pool in the game?
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    @p100sch sounds more you take battles out of the game view what happened make a few tweaks and reinsert them with new dialogue

    Not just pop up and shoot someone who is a player

    Pop up and shoot another npc
    Or have a large battle that happened happen overall and then tweak the dialogue

    Only the actions would get captured related to controls and the like
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    @p100sch besides what you’re describing is what ruined eve online lol which arguably needed some tweaking in the first place
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    @p100sch we’re reaching that point where either I am going to need to do something soon or I’m going to be prime time for shutoff

    Old stress and older body
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