Debugged a complex bug at 10 PM, drunk and eating potato wedges, while on the phone with another drunk co worker.

Woke up next morning and had no memory of the fix.

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    There was no bug
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    I wholeheartedly approve!
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    Further confirms my theory that potato wedges are fucking magical
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    Now thats a confirmation of skill if i ever heard one.

    Its like GnR in their peak where all their members were blackout drunk during live shows. In da pocket, mate.
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    Getting drunk more often can improve debugging skills? Okay, noted!
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    That’s why we record every drunk meeting
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    @electrineer I have ONE cool programming moment in life and of course the internet has to attempt to shatter it with "tHerE wAs nO BuG". Did you also kick a kitten on the way to typing that?
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