Mixing PHP and HTML code with a bunch of if-elses, creating a docker-compose script thats uses the remote database password (and its committed) and set API calls to IP fucking addresses with no explanation. Just make POST requests to undocumented APIs.

How the fuck are these people allowed to code?????

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    Dunno, but sounds like someone needs to be taken down.
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    Php if-elses and loops are meant to be mixed with html, that's literally the purpose of a templating engine. The problem most people are erratically trying to solve by introducing separate templating engines written in PHP is that every other operation that happens to be done by PHP should be strictly separated from HTML.
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    The fact that templating can be done with the same very powerful language as every other part of the backend is a huge advantage of PHP which people often throw away simply because they lack the self control necessary for separation of concerns if they aren't forced by a language boundary.
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