PHP is a code equivalent of a biker bar gloryhole.

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    .... it’s for sticking your penis through ?
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    Or a bearded man ends up ducking you off instead of the large breasted pale brunette you wanted ?
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    ... and it doesn't matter at all cause it's a gloryhole.

    Anonymous sex
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    @IntrusionCM well I mean when you feel the beard it’s a tad obvious something is wrong and pulling away suddenly has risks lol
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    Ah... The good old "I want anonymous sex , but specifically for my sexual preferences" discussion

    Anonymous - you get what's available
    Non anonymous - you pick yourself a mate

    And if something's sucking your genitals at a place for anonymous sex... the last thing that should be on your mind is who's mouth it is... Because really. You don't want to know and hopefully you use protection
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    @IntrusionCM wow this conversation got strange quick lol if informative of relative lifestyle choices lol
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    @devjesus @killames


    Salt n Pepa - Let's talk about sex

    It's quite simple - if the topic wouldn't be so stigmatized, we had way less problems.

    And yeah... If you work in a bar / welfare / have a lot to do with people... This topic comes up every now and then.

    And it's funny how it always goes in the same direction... Becomes quite entertaining when macho king who has one night stands all the time explains that anonymous sex is disgusting. 🤣🤣🤣

    To everyone their preference as long as it stays sane.
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    @IntrusionCM see it was not a stigmatized subject when I was young is the thing lol

    Problem is when people only talk about this crap

    But yes I remember my helpful bartender
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    @IntrusionCM and I was joking about the relative lifestyle choices
    You have a fair amount of knowledge of glory holes lol

    I once saw a video where a woman was working one and suddenly this hipster guy takes the dick from her and he has a beard and the moment he let go the dick still enforged oddly gets pulled out quickly lol
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