Making my own game console.

I work with FPGAs and have access to a bunch of pretty nice dev boards, so building a workable CPU and GPU is definitely possible. I even have architectures for both in mind, and have planned ways to get compiler support (i.e. just use RISC-V as the ISA as much as possible so that I can reuse an existing RISC-V compiler with minimal changes) so that I don't need to write assembly.

But, lack of time. Sigh.

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    hmm would you like to do this full-time?
    Maybe start searching a rich individual to sponsor you. something like Angellist www.angel.co

    Or someone from the risc5 foundation members. As a demostrator project.
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    @heyheni lol no. We have far more impressive stuff to show to industry people than a lousy console. And doing it for money would spoil the fun for something like this.

    Besides, a console is much more than the hardware, it's the business plan and ecosystem too. Anyone can build decent hardware, it's very hard to build a decent ecosystem.
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