I'd like to thank a certain person, who will remain unnamed, for some amazing advice and feedback. There are some truly great people out there, and you wont know until you go and look for them.

She showed me I'm not Brain (knew that one), but I'm probably not Pinky either.

Though I still desire to build giant robots and topple cities like Godzilla playing jenga.

Dont let your memes be dreams.

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    You're welcome. I get that all the time. *blush*

    (I'm kidding. It wasn't me and I don't know who that person is.)
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    @rutee07 know but weren't you the one who melted HaL 9000s cold metal heart and taught the terminator to love?
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    @Wisecrack Let's leave the past in the past.. *sobs*
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    Why thank you I do my best to spread love and joy to a world of walking garbage cans

    If for no other reason I live to increase their sensations of well being and self esteem
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    @killames we'll call you then if we need a robot psychologist.

    Your new nickname can be Patch Adams. Or if you prefer, Sean Maguire.
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