Playing sound on OS boot is just as bad idea as automatically playing sound on a website load. Yes I'm looking at you Ubuntu.

// it can be muted I know but.. who decided it was a good idea in the first place?

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    Windows XP with headphones on. Hoho RIP
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    @isRantOverflow my childhood dread. Me sneaking to play games at 11pm and forgetting to turn the speakers off. Noooooo!
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    @ragnarr023 LOL Exactly. Used to make me jump in my seat
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    And here I am making sure I always have full sound on when I shutdown my windows 10 laptop because I changed the boot sound to windows XP
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    I think it's a leftover from the early 90's:
    "Wow, that's cool, the computer can make sounds! What will we have next? 640x480 graphics with more than 16 colours?"
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    Well macbooks used to make a sound at power-on. That's even worse.
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    Macos does this everytime. :/
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    Relic from the time when a successful computer boot was something to be celebrated.
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    @inpothet it's such a lovely sound right?
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    @DRHAX34 all hail our Lord and Savior windows XP the last windows that was good
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    You guys made me miss the PS1 boot sound, I got a anniversary update on my PS4 that actually gave me this sound back which I thought was neat.

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