You know what would be nice? Being able to Google anything to do with VPNs without having like 90% of the results being links to how-to-setup-VPN-client pages from every goddamn obscure commercial VPN provider in existance.

If I wanted to know how to setup a VPN client to work with Crazy Dave's House-o'-VPN-n'-Cloud-Hosting's paid-for service, I probably would have Googled for that, not general things like "openvpn ethernet bridging". Why am I getting so many commercial results? Either nobody sets up their own VPNs, or the VPN companies have SEO'd the keywords good and proper.

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    You have to add the magic words: how to [insert topic here], otherwise you'll only get those kinds of results
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    Ha, oh I've tried. Still gets me plenty of results about setting up a VPN client to work with random VPN providers.

    When you thinking about it, it's remarkable how useless these results are. Instructions for setting up VPN clients for random providers won't help anyone. Like, if I wanted to know how to setup a VPN client to work with VoluptuousVixenVicky'sVeryValuableVPNs.com, I'd probably Google something like "setup android VPN connection VoluptuousVixenVicky'sVeryValuableVPNs.com". Instead I'm Googling "tomato l2tp VPN client certificate" and getting results for setting up VPN clients on multiple commercial providers. Wow, how did it know I was using limevpn/purevpn/and/many/more/other/providers! </s>

    SEO fuckery for sure.
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    You can easily remove the results you don't want.
    At the end of your search query add the words you don't want in your results like this:
    -setup -tutorial
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    Haha, lol. I had the exact same thing. I hate that.
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