We are still using SVN because the management doesn't understand how git works.
And i don't understand why i am still working here...

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    My condolences! If you desperately need a new place, create a LinkedIn account and wait a few days; some of them actually use Git!
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    @gof6yogy its not just about git its about fear of new tech.
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    @Rename same thing applies. GTFO ;-)
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    Svn is better that git, change my mind
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    @kurast we dont have working directories. We use share same code base so who made what changes don't know.
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    Hans get ze Flammenwerfer.
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    I mean, Git/SVN is six of one and half a dozen of the other if you really want to argue the toss...but it's always depressing having to use a technology that's basically of zero value outside of your job. Last time I used SVN I was a Flash developer.
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