Some kid on stackoverflow, just starting out in the coding world, posted his resume to the board and asked what people thought.
Immediately recieved 3 negatives and then had the post removed.

Pretty shitty community - we all started out once, just give him some useful pointers. What a miserable lot.

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    In a way, SO isn't the place for it.
    But yea, how hard is it to go "have you tried LinkedIn for this?"
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    @C0D4 yeah nobody said anything, just 3 negatives and then gone.
    I emailed him with some pointers. I would have appreciated that if it was me.
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    Also on Leetcode. Giving flack to a submitter because his solution used Math.max(). "If I was the interviewer I wouldn't hire you." The constraint is only 1 <= i <= 100, asshole!
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    @fruitfcker if he was the interviewer I wouldn't want to work for that company :)
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    IMO that sounds waaayyyy off!
    But yes, in general a lot of times when people do not truly understand the problem, which at first might sound basic, is often downvoted.
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    I have never consciously seen anyone ask or reply to questions on SO.

    I'm convinced the site has like 34 active users and is only known for the big database of questions that have been answered 5-10 years ago.
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    I'm kinda 50/50 on this. Stackoverflow is a harsh community, but if you thought it was an appropriate place for posting your CV for feedback, it kinda implies you're not paying much attention to what's allowed either.
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    @AlmondSauce but if you've never used the site before and you're only 18 you can forgive early errors. It costs nothing to be nice to someone.
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    @ojt-rant Sure, which is why I'm 50-50. The guy should have done his research and found out that Stackoverflow wasn't the place to post. And people on Stackoverflow should have been friendlier and more forgiving of his mistake. But this is Stackoverflow, so that's never really going to happen.
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    Discord community are more polite than SO
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    SO should be your absolute last option. Don't just use it willy-nilly, there are very strict standards there.
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