This thing is eating away at me so just shut up and listen.

I have started applying for this uni for PhD (don't judge me) and for that, I will need recommendation letters, right? So I emailed two of the people who have already agreed to write me recommendation letters, to confirm the details that I'll give the said uni to contact them. Emails were sent out on Thursday. It's now soon to be Tuesday and I haven't heard a thing back. And this is abso-fucking-lutely killing me!!!! (There's still another to be emailed but he's a bit high and mighty and I'll email him after I get feedbacks from these two about my motivation letter and CV.)

Like, when you know my whole future depends on a single email of yours, saying that I'm a good PhD candidate (and oh boy, that is a joke; considering that I'm applying for literally one of the best unis in this particular subject in the whole world... I'm well over my head, aren't I?) why would you keep me standing on one leg just to confirm your contact details? I mean I know I'm overreacting a bit considering the deadline is yonks away, but still, urghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

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    (Since you said shut up)…
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    He is doing you a favor, so why don't you bring something on the table (sort of like you scratch my back and i'll do yours).
    @aviophile 😏
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    @galileopy I may be an idiot, but you're foul mouthed and condescending. And clearly you have serious mental health issues for bursting at people online like that.

    I'm not your therapist. And what is pathetic is your toxic attitude.

    Now get out of my comments.
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    @galileopy FYI - writing your own recommendation letter and getting someone to sign it is considered *incredibly* uncouth over here. My advisor would happily write me a letter. If I said "hey, could you sign this letter I've written about myself from you", he'd tell me to piss right off, and probably wouldn't write me one ever again.

    I get that's the norm in some places, but your advice there is about as self-destructive as it gets, and claiming "no-one has the time to write a letter for a little fuck like you" is just unnecessary. I've never seen someone be so condescending yet so wrong.
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    @AlmondSauce @NoMad Actually I was having a bad day, I was getting easily triggered. I do owe NoMad an apology. So, sorry NoMad, you're not entitled I am also familiar with the anxiety of waiting for stuff that is out of your control. And thankyou @AlmondSauce for a very polite interaction.
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    @galileopy Props to you for admitting it 👍
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