Did you know I don't care? You take my money for my application anyway.

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    I've been to some of the websites that block actual content of webpage and force you to disable your adblock in order to get access to page content. Thank god I know how to use inspect a webpage.
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    congrats, the second your ads stop trying to track me around the Internet, i might start considering to disable my adblocker.
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    @Aitkotw I've been there too. I feel your pain bro.
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    @runfrodorun this is on the UCAS website which allows you to apply for Universities. They charge you £24 just so that you can send an application to a university. They shouldn't have ads on their website to begin with. Not to mention that this is nation wide.
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    How's your ucas going? Got it in yet?
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    @-ScratchOs I've almost finished getting it done today. Stupid deadlines. How about you?
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    @Condor if you want to go to university in the UK this website is basically compulsory. We also have to uay them ~£30 when we apply, and there are at least 500,000 applicants each year so we shouldn't have to see ads on the their website
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    @Condor so no uni then 😂?
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    @Condor I know several people doing that :-)
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    @Condor I'm going for not civil engineering not computer science, I do programming as a hobby not a job/etc. So I do really need to study for what I want to do. The other option is then is to get an apprenticeship which is at least a positive income but it is long and you will probably not experience living away from home/independence as much as if you go to uni
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