My team and I had a presentation scheduled and we worked on it for more than a month.

A bloody fucking month long preparation.

We went through multiple reviews with stakeholders which weren't necessary and no other team does.

I put on some music to lift up my energy levels while I waited anxiously.

Show time.

We have one of the largest city festival going on this week.

The community in neighbouring building started reciting prayers out loud on a PA system just when the presentation began.

~40 folks and me struggling on video to not lose my cool and fuck my luck, I went nervous because I couldn't focus.

That's when my big boss pointed out that there some background noise and I had to explain it to them.

My very first presence and I forgot to even introduce myself. What a nut head I am.

I am annoyed and angry at myself. I perform well impromptu over planned and preparedness.

Thankfully my team mate who talks a lot and my designer, handled things well and saved the day.

Massive respect for them and kick in nuts for me.


Also my neighbour is renovating his entire house and since I am using it as my workspace, I literally sit in between junk and cement and wires all around.

What a messy wasted day it was.

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    Living on the edge! Exciting.
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    @Benutzername you spelt surviving wrong.
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    Why do you work at your neighbour's house?
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    @electrineer because the city I live in is extremely crowded and real estate is a huge problem here.

    Which has led to overly inflated prices of house.

    Plus, many of the neighbourhoods in city still have old housing style.

    Thankfully, my grandparents had a small studio because of which we are able to live in this city. But since it's a studio and a road facing one, it lacks privacy + a lot of noise.

    Our neighbour, got 4 such studios and combined them into a single house. He is wealthy so he bought an entire building in the area and went to live there.

    He cannot and don't want to sell the house because of the lease agreement. And because he is an old family friend, we have the house keys for keeping so I started working out of there during pandemic.

    He then decided to renovate everything because it was in bad state. And a lot of mess in the story.

    TL;DR: I live in a small house and he has a big one which is empty and coutyard facing so I use it.
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    @Floydimus do you live with your grandparents in a studio?

    Or did you mean something else by "we are able to live in this city"
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    @Floydimus mine are too. I edited my question to be more specific about what made me ask it.
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    @electrineer what I meant is, we live in one of the most posh and nice neighborhood.

    Buying a property here would be impossible today. But since grandparents leased this place, we have a home.

    When my building goes for redevelopment, we'd get a much bigger and better house which will be worth a lot more.
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    @Floydimus but who's 'we'? Do you have family crammed in the same tiny apartment?
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    @electrineer me and both my parents.
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    @electrineer in India, everyone lives with their parents and family.

    And every generation inherits from the previous.
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    No wonder if you want to move abroad if you live in such a tight space
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    @electrineer my reason for moving abroad is not related to living in a small room.

    I could save for 2 years and purchase a good home in same locality. If I get married and my future wife earns well, then same can be achieved in a year.

    The reasons for relocation are totally different.
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