So a problem end client of mine made my life hell for 3 months.

She hired a design agency to design her a bespoke site, she signs off on it and then once I've made it she decides that it's just a draft.

She then spend the next 3 months emailing me multiple times a day, calling the office and calling my personal phone. I'm still not sure how she got my number.

after 3 months on a two week project, many conference calls and changing every single template so that the site is unrecognisable it is finally live.

This woman literally went around her whole office, building and street asking them what they thought should be changed.

Not only that but half way through she suddenly told me she wanted it live in 2 days with a list of changes as long as my arm. I managed it and she wanted more changes anyway so it didnt go live...

The moral of the story is, never go the extra mile for a client more than twice, make sure you charge them for your extra time, try not think about how someone so retarded is the head of marketing at a huge company and that a true rant has no structure.

PS she also complained to me often that the changes had not been made less than 24 hours after requesting them, showed a half built site to her board of directors and then moaned at me that it didn't look right.

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    Screw that I would of dropped her after 1 month of that bull crap
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    unfortunately I'm not the boss
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    i think she fell in love with you, considering she even called you everyday 😂

    lol. relax bruh. I'm just joking. don't mad at me 😌
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    The beauty of freelance- clients aren't permanent :) but I understand corporate clients pay the bills.
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    Charge by the hour, get paid, have the same mindset oh well it may be shit but I am making bank!
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    ^ and post about it all on devrant
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