Client: hey, we need to build an interactive campaign page. Something that can be fun on mobile too..
Developer: o...kay... such as?
Client: how about a 360 environment and mobile can make use of the gyroscope?
Developer: should be fine but may I know what is the browser support we need to cater to?
Client: IE 9
Developer: .... ok we may need a fallback for non-supported. May I know how about the timeline?
Client: 1 month.


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    clients arent suposed to have ideas they have problems.
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    @heyheni Well they can have an idea about/for a new feature
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    @linuxxx yes, but most of the times it's something else what the client suggests and what he would realy need. => Clients have problems not solutions.
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    @heyheni that's kind of why we exist right? Technically everything we do is finding / creating solutions to problems...
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    @amahlaka yes there is, but not convenient to send the link here >_<
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    @heyheni quite different in this scenario. Cos the work came from advertising agency, so my client was actually the one with the idea.. but they didn't have tech person to do feasibility check before proposing to their client about the timeline..
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