Friend: My C code's not working.. Can you please help me debug?
TA: *puts a space before a semicolon*
TA: *Changes "i++" to "i=i+1"*

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    I know what you mean. Half my TA's have been absolutely no help, so I ask other students instead.
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    Yeah, there are TAs that rly aren't helpful, and some Students who should be TAs...
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    What does TA stand for?
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    @oscarascal I don't know for sure, but I've always thought it was "Teaching Assistant". Professors always have them, they are usually grad students or Senior undergrads, and they help students in their labs.
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    @oscarascal teacher assistant, teaching assistant... Basically just there to help put since the class is too big and the teacher can't help everyone. For our school, usually anyone who took the class with a good grade
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