Wasting about an hour trying to leave detailed comments and suggestions for a fellow student on an university project's code.

Said person just respond on the team group with "If anyone does not like something, he/she can go ahead to change it, so we would move on faster"


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    Holy fuck that guy's must be denser than a fucking black hole
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    @msdsk or he’s on the manager track ;-)
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    Furthermore, in the code i reviewed was something like a different update endpoint for each combination of properties of an object.. which in the end where like 15 endpoints.

    Who has the time to write so much garbage? There wasn't any need to even have all that combinations, let aside writing them right in a single endpoint.
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    @OldManOfTheC this is true lol. My manager insists that we need to move faster, bad codes will be tolerated with a todo comment. Of course no one fixes them
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    @KennyTheBard did he consult you or someone with more experience about the approach before? Telling someone more experienced than you about what you plan to do in a PR often saves lots of CR time
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    @Xamenyap nope. we had the main outline of the project and what needs to be done, but the implementation itself is wild west, each for their own.

    But the thing is that we both had the same experience on paper, including the studies (down to the college). So we should somehow be on the same page on the technical knowledge
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