This is how my day has gone so far:
1. In car, see advert about hackathon
2. Look it up, see tickets go on sale in 30mins
3. Read more about hackathon, apparently tickets go within minutes
4. Get tickets, print
5. Printer out of ink
6. Accidentally deleted ticket, can't reprint
7. No more tickets left so can't get another
8. Spend hours with data recovery tools
9. Remember recycle bin. Reprint ticket
10. Cry
11. Rant on devRant

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    How did you accidentally unrecoverably remove that file? Cause if you regularly delete it ends up in trash can except if you rm'd it in linux or something soo
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    @liammartens they were in the recycle bin. He is obviously on windows :D
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    @SirWindfield then I don't see the issue xD
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    maybe his ticket was on a USB drive

    btw, @matsaki95, nice to know
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    @matsaki95 you should learn NOT to do that bud. Like honestly.
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    @matsaki95 but isn't this the proof that it is not good? XD
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    @matsaki95 I mean when I trash a file I keep in there for lets say a day and then I empty the trash. That won't effect your storage that much really and trust me it has saved my life.
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    Lol, you goofed and still you do not learn from your mistakes. Would probably occur again tbh
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    @SirWindfield thanks for the backup 🤘🏻
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    What kind of online booking system doesn't let you re-download tickets? Can't think of a single one in my experience that gives you a one time only file as your only proof of purchase.
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    guys... just ask the NSA... they have all the backups of your files you require... just be explicitly discreet about the clown midget lesbian porn that you want.... maybe they will give extra derivatives of that fetish.
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