Let junior dev design module.

Make code review.

What junior dev says: "It is a totally flexible concept!"

What junior dev means: "It is extremely shitty to use for the one use case it was meant to do, but it will be equally shitty to use for all the use cases we will never have."

Back to square one.

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    Keep in mind that the terms: flexibility, agile, configurable to the x degree, and reusable have been drilled into these kids’ heads so deep that every single thing is so over designed and complicated that nothing is actually expected to work anymore as long as it meets the keywords above. Quality is dead, long live flexibility.
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    Entry-level devs do the exact opposite and repeat code everywhere. Junior and middle level devs learn about abstraction and flexibility but get too excited and over use it. Its still better than entry level tho. Senior devs know the right balance
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    Shouldn't the senior dev be mentoring and reviewing the junior dev's work more frequently? 🤔
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    Well... If you did the concept together, you wouldn't come to this point and he wouldn't have done the work for nuts.
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    @fiftyhz that has been pretty much the hardest bad habit to get rid of. I still over engineer the shit out of things once in a while, all because reusability was drilled to mah brain in uas. This is also why I always try to be patient with fresher devs: I know they’ve got similar problems with how they’ve been thaught to dev not matching with how you dev irl.

    To be honest, devs with 10+ yrs of experience can be super annoying as well, when they’re mentally stuck to some way of doing things and refuse to even contemplate change. Got to fucking come at them armed to the teeth if you want to change something… (I kind of like it though, as it forces me to do proper research on stuff)
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    @nibor Jep, that is what I learned from that :)
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    @IntrusionCM Yeah sure. It is just that I did not expect him to go off-rails that badly. You know, sometimes the solution is so clear in your own mind that you think "Hey, that is a good playground for the new guy.".... And then they over-engineer it to a point where you'd need a five dimensional interaction diagram to describe what the hell is going on in the initialization phase.
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    @DirtEffect :)

    Expect the unexpected. Though I know what you mean.... I feel da pain. :)
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    @100110111 Oh yeah, 100% agree with everything you’re saying here. I totally over designed something the other day (I should know by now that once I start going down the reflection rabbit hole, I’ve gone too far). Same thing on the senior dev comment - I’ve had to take some, “you’re being stubborn” feedback and adjust my thinking along the years. I’ve found that the best way to fill the “senior” role these days is to experiment myself with the ideas the juniors bring to me and then give them feedback on their implementation rather than just shoot it down because I don’t know any better.
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