6 months ago I had to implement a new feature and realized that a related uploading feature was broken if you choose a specific service to upload to.

I was wondering why nobody had reported this, so I took a look at the usage of said feature and it seems literally no client ever used it since it was released almost 2 years ago.

Only the product owner used it in the beginning... only for testing it...

2 weeks well spend.

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    I feel you, my boss (who's also the product owner) is constantly coming up with these "great" features we have to implement, they take ages to implement because they affect core app services (like access control or billing), and in the end, no one ever uses them, not even that "one big client" the boss kept talking about to justify implementing it.
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    Thanks for the information.
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    Haha jesus that hits home.

    I remember my team and I in a previous company worked 2-3 months on a big feature to counter various RF interferences on the field for a given system.

    When I went for field testing, I collected data based on a procedure I devised to test the claims of stakeholders: the system was performing poorly while there were interferences.
    Getting back home, I analysed the data and came to the conclusion that while the feature worked as expected, the data was inconclusive to determine whether enabling this feature would increase the system's performances or if it was even necessary in the first place.

    When I presented this to high management, they were happy about the results and just celebrated the conclusion. I just gave up trying afterwards.
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    We have no quantative gathering of data for our product at all. Sometimes we get these bugs that makes me belive it is the first customer that ever used the function. Several features are probably unused. We have no way of knowing

    Fuck gathering personal data but can we atleast get something...
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    Ughh...this just stacks on why I want to be self employed. I can't handle the monkey buisness. How can so many people in technology sector base so much of their work on non-factually based claims
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