Do we really need competative coding skills to build things? What's your opinion on it ?

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    Some jobs require advanced CS knowledge and others to write CRUD apps. 🤷🏻

    Also, he could be a senior react or node (javascript) developer, but he sure doesn’t sound like a senior software engineer.
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    @BixelPitch mostly agree.
    A few days for a challenge might be too much though.
    I think 4-5 hours task should be enough. It can be done within a trial working day and it should not necessarily be of that kind where you can succeed or fail. Rather it should be some task where the company can see how you approach things and how you work in general.

    The task may succeed but the company may find out that even though it works, the code is horrible spaghetti. => not hired.

    Or the task may fail but the company may see that you are good in general but had some minor problems or blackouts due to nervousness.
    => hired.
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    My question is....if he made billions then why would he work for someone else?
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    Because he made those products for other people.
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    @yehaaw Yeah that was my guess, if I was that good in building apps tho I think it would be better to freelance or make my own projects...
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    @Lensflare week-long internships :3
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    @yehaaw maybe some people prefer a stable job when compared to running a business?
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    @piratefox We were not talking about that, but sure.
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    @yehaaw oof sorry thought you answered to @JustThat … hard day
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