I’m a career failure and I think it’s better if I died.

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    Shut the fuck up.

    You are awesome. As @Rutee said, life is beyond Outlook, Slack, and Zoom.

    Society has made us believe that the only definition of success is more money.

    Eventually I realised that's not the case and being happy is more important.

    I used to crazy passionate about my job as a Product Manager. But in just few years, I lost the desire to reach high up the hierarchy or do anything phenomenal.

    Now, I only see it as a medium to put food for family on dinner table.

    Just like the employer wouldn't care for me, I'd do the same.

    If once more I hear you saying this, I'll staple your balls between your brows as a reminder that you need to grow some balls and live a life outside of a screen.
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    A successful career is not a measure of how good your life is.
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    I see you work at Facebook. Have you tried not working at Facebook?
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    Having facebook in a resume is really a big plus anywhere you go tho. I dont think youll have many issues
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    @24th-Dragon I didn't mean to imply Facebook wasn't good enough.

    I meant to imply Facebook is toxic and treats engineers like shit and makes them feel inferior so they don't leave.
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    @sariel i was replying ro the main rant not you 😂.

    Tho i do agree. Facebook is shitty. Especialy towards foreign developers with h1b visas.
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