Their intent is great but if they are over saturating the market with mediocre developers then that is a bad thing.

The reason i say that is because they are often cheaper and more eager than skilled individuals that want the job done properly.

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    Nothing against beginners, we have all been there and i have helped many over the years. However in my opinion you should not be taking peoples money until you can get the job done with precision and care.
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    This is exactly it @nblackburn
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    @Player2 Thanks man, i was trying hard to frame that in the right way.
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    My bootcamp cost 10k. There's one that runs about 20something thousand as well. The people that go generally WANT to be there or you wouldn't dump that mullah
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    @BirdLawExpert Nobody disagreed, my case in point is that people rush to charge for skills they just learnt when they shouldn't.
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