Why so much hate for eclipse?

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    Because we were forced to use it at University
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    Eclipse is a behemoth. At least when I last used it, it was sluggish and arcane to use. Something like visual studio is also big and slow, but is at least streamlined to be easier to use. I look at eclipse and VS in the same way I do GIMP and Photoshop. They both work, but I will always prefer the latter, despite the open source nature of the first.

    It's also possible I may have been scarred by the proprietary skin the company I was working for put onto it.
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    It's usually speed and functionalities.
    Try it on a mac and you'll see why (just cause it's where it'd most noticeable)
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    Mmh slow, resources heavy and strange java errors from time to time, autocomplete is strange (I can find no other description), indexer starts to lag with big projects, fails and needs a full refresh losing even more time.
    Edit: this is only the top of the iceberg
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    I love eclipse. (I'm gonna get flamed, aren't I...)
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    I don't mind Eclipse. But after I started using JetBrains I can't go back to it.
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