Losing 1 hour everytime I must name a class that create something.

- ThingGenerator ?
- ThingBuilder ?
- ThingCreator ?
- ThingFactory ?
- ThingCrafter ?
- ThingMaker ?
- Thinger ?


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    In such situations like I use a (ridiculous) method my teacher often uses.


    Yes, I'm german. How did you guess?
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    Builders and factories are different patterns, so knowing that you can not use their names interchangeably should help.

    After that, define a convention or use an already existing one. Most factories are just called SomethingFactory, so you can already drop SomethingCreator and all variations there of.

    To base your factory's name off the interface it returns also helps naming them.
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    Just bikeshedding. Implement, then refactor
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    I forgot Thingator.

    I made a Facturator once, had some success.
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    @-FLX These names seems like Doofersmith(Phineas & Ferb)'s weapons names. Are you him?
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    No, but he might have the same problem.
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