Spin/back exercise for programmers?

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    OK, whatever you do, don't stand up suddenly, stand up slow, and make sure your legs are awake, i made that mistake once, and i fell on my cat who then proceeded to maul my face like a cheese grater against play dough. so once your up, look up at the ceiling, without turning your head, so your body forms a 90 degree angle, then do the same thing but with the floor. if you didn't pulverize your back on a sub-atomic level, you should feel better.
    (this may not work for you, but it works for me so it might for you.)
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    @meowlikethunder I heard some sound performing this *pain*
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    I think the most important thing is to get diverse controlled movement. So instead of one or two exercises, do something where you bend and twist your spine diversely as part of what you're doing. Most adults do that very little compared to when they were a child. You could get into some sports where you get that kind of movement, or whatever else you find the most suitable for you.

    Only once you have that checked, or if you have specific back damage that prevents you from doing that, should you focus on more monotonous exercises.
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    Damn, my mind is on the wrong track. I thought this was some algorithmic coding exercise I'd never heard of 😅
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    Get an @rutee07 and poke it

    Lots of calories will be burned.
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    @rutee07 Must it be chocolate chip? :<
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    Fourier circle drawing...
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