Did someone here ever got to use Station?

Was it any good? As far as my understanding goes, the company went bankrupt and made the product open source.

But it doesn't work for some, as most of the messaging services pushed for a higher minimum browser version than the Chrome used by Station.

This sucks, but i am curious if it's worth trying to fix it at this point. Maybe find some people interested in this project as well or even make a project proposition here, on devRant, to fix it and make usable for the community.

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    @molaram yes and no. Kind of. It's a browser in the back (Chrome, it seems), but configured only to open some pages and give an experience similar to a stand-alone app. Usually, message app managers are just browser opening the messaging apps web version in a tab.
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    It allows you to open multiple messenger apps in the same window, like whatsapp, telegram, slack, MS teams etc

    You can find out more on their website/github
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