Boss: oh so you are working on that unrealistic 3week project ? Let me also assign you some completely unrelated office work.
Me: But I'm a programmer, researching other companies and contacting them looking for new projects is not part of my job descrip...
Boss: oh don't worry I'm sure you'll do great!
Me: that's not what I'm sayi...
Boss: ok I have to go now, have it ready by tomorrow!
Me:(crying internally)...ok.

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    I would like to say something to reassure you but don't have the right words to do so :/
    But stay strong!!
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    I'm going with the "do a mediocre job so they don't ask you again" plan. Hopefully it will pay off lol @LMestre14
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    This is the reason sometimes i play dumb and ask others for help on issues.

    I don't want others to think highly of my work commitment. But since i have interest in programming and also have a nerdy character, it's not that easy for me.
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    What are rules on this anyway? Like at what point if any, can you just say "fuck it, not my fucking job" and refuse the assignment?
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    @rantOverflow but i didn't sign up to clean toilets. You can make me, it'd be expensive but fuck.. that makes me sad
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    @rantOverflow fair enough, let the invokes commence!
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