Microsoft is SLOWING down Visual 2019 on purpose now... that's insane.

Yes VS 2022 is looking good and shit, but why the SAME project went from 2 mins of compile / start time to 4 minutes in 2019 and stayed at 2 mins in vs 20022 ?

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    So that the next year will come slower
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    Why would an enterprise corp who shits on customer service ever come up with a genius plan to force you to buy one of their new products by simply making the current product line less comfortable....



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    Did they update the 2019 compiler? This sounds fishy to me. How would they slow the compiler down?

    I use the 2019 compiler, but I only installed the compiler. I use it with the Qt development system. So I don't use studio at all.
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    @IntrusionCM but most users of VS uses community edition that is free of charge and many companies use subscription and as far as I know get the new version within the subscription.

    So I cannot really see any money incentive for them to slow down vs2019.

    But are you sure vs2019 has become slower?

    2022 is be 64 bit which means more memory and that will make it faster for big projects.

    I have installed it on my machine and I do not experience a slow down in 2019.
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    @Voxera I don't believe they intentionally slow down products, more "exclude certain things from being backported to previous versions to make new versions more attractive".

    Afaik the community editions are for non commercial usage only.

    The subscription models usually include newer versions, but that's not out of generosity - the ever changing landscape of options and new features in e.g. Azure needs a promotion platform, and the compiler is the best place for it.
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    Just to keep the trolls fed:

    I seriously wanted to barf when I read "how good software is on windows". Even more "best software".

    Windows has definitely some software that's non replaceable, e.g. for me Excel as I heavily depend on it.

    And yes, when you tap into the MS ecosystem and go full MS like Azure and Co, it will be not easy to get away from MS products.

    But especially this vendor lock in could mean in the future, with cloud first, a very painful learning lesson for a lot of people...

    Looking at the last months, it's kinda dark and gloomy how many service providers (Atlassian, Fuckbook, Microsoft, Amazon, ...) had to deal with severe service outages / security leaks / ....

    I'm still hoping that maybe true alternatives will form when the desperation becomes for too many people too much.

    Amazon's OpenSearch is in my opinion exactly that. It's still too early too tell if it survives and becomes an equal to Elasticsearch, but it's interesting that it was simply born out of an pissing contest between two large companies regarding license fees.

    ... and I think it's foreseeable that the trouble with Cloud, Vendor Lock Ins, and "cloud first" will mean for many people a regression instead of progression, so let's see what happens in the future.

    But no. MS software is far from best.
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