I took a break, reevaluated a lot, and I am now back with none of the pressure I put on myself over the years and I’m actually enjoying myself again

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    So happy to see you bounce back bro. I hope you feel better now :)

    How was the reflection journey?
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    @Floydimus thanks, it was kinda stressful tough at first because I felt so fucking awful and figured it was burnout (which maybe that was a part of it but not the whole problem) so I gave myself a small break from my main project causing me a bunch of stress and made some other projects and had a good time making those, but the stress just came back and I asked myself fucking why do I keep getting so stressed out and feel like shit and I started to put two and two together that I’ve been putting so much pressure on myself over the years to do x and y and I never stopped putting that pressure on myself and so I took a longer break and didn’t code during the break and worked on letting go of all that shit and relieving that pressure and I made future plans for a job and started a project I have been having fun with and it’s been a good time
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    Good to hear man! Peace is underrated!
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    @Cyanide I second that, peace is extremely underrated
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