I started an IT company at the very beginning of this year with one of my dear friends.

Things were already tough at the time because we agreed to take a shop in order to do something there, but until now, only 10-15 people came in to buy something.

We're also using that space to teach, but up to now we only got 5 students.

I want to just close that fucking shop, my partner doesn't. So I guess I'll just quit my partner and CTO position and go away from the company.

I'm just way too tired of putting money into it, putting all my spare time, sleep about 4-6h/day to do stuff for it and work every single day (I think I had a pause a few weeks ago, for like half a day).

I much rather stop doing this and give up the money I spent in it than get back my money and keep going on like this: I really can't see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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    maybe you should step back and take time to think of a sustainable business plan and if it still doesn't revive it then head out
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    Shit happens... if you really don't think it's going anywhere further, I'd agree with you. But at least you've picked up some valuable experiences and knowledge along the way, right? (I hope!) It can't all be for nothing.
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    Maybe you have to make a brand, and focus on e-commerce
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    @fullstackchris yeah, definitely understood a lot of stuff and I'd say I'm now ready to step up as a programmer...
    But I reaaaally to take a looooong break from all this.
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    @ilechuks73 yeah... I gave this company time until end of the year, but... I don't think we'll be able to get about 10k or more from the "non-working" sections
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    @blindXfish I did think of making some sort of brand, I also had a very nice idea and almost finished building the whole project, but then vendors invoice came up and so we had to work on different projects to pay the bills...

    Now that project is 100% outdated as the pandemic is "almost" ending. That is very very sad, but I really think I'll let anything go.
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    @ZioCain what are you doing guys exactly? :D Maybe you can backup my project :D
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    @blindXfish we're doing a lot of stuff actually.
    - repair computer, tablets, smartphones and printers
    - implement/fix physical networks
    - do SMM & SEO
    - make websites
    - make CRM, apps (using ionic or react-native)
    - teach how to develop, use computers, fix computers, ...

    Just tell me what you need, man :D
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    I think you are just burnt out. Make sure it is this new venture that is the cause before quitting.
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