Can’t sleep these days.
Life sucks, death sucks more.
Computers break nowadays
My keyboard is full of dirt ore.
I miss two keys up and down
so looks there is no hell or heaven.
Twitch data leak is downloading slow,
I made buns in the oven.
I’m in the spiral of death,
my born was meaningless,
hot milk is hurting my teeth,
I use it to invoke sleepiness.
Nothing works,
everyone showoff
everything breaks,
I’m powering off

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    Smoke a joint, kill a bear...
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    Exactly what a depressed person needs to hear.
    "Use drugs! It makes you feel better!"

    Oh my.
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    Decelerate, my friend.

    Be yourself.
    Observe the wonderful theatre of existence.
    And allow things to get fucked up.
    Then renew.
    Either yourself or what ever you enjoy. Preferably with a bunch of people. Maybe even ones that want to know more about you or you like to be part of their network.

    You got this.
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