I just found a game (have not played it yet) that I think everyone here will cream over.

It's an insanely detailed hardware/ low level/ make-your-own-computer game.

I watched the trailer and it sets you up by teaching you logic gates and basic circuitry.

Then, it eventually teaches you how to build your own computer using these gates.

Then, you start creating your own assembly language using the computer you made.

Then, you use your computer to solve problems like sending a robot through a maze or just building snake on a display.

Absolutely check it out, it's on sale for $13 USD. I just bought it. Turing Complete on Steam.

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    Fuck, somebody stole my idea
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    Or, learn Verilog :)
    (and sell your soul to the machine God and curse yourself for all eternity because hardware development is painful)
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    Sounds like work
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    Pff, this is much too much brain power for me to switch off to. Looks cool though.
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    Made by LevelHead, huh? Sounds like something Zachtronics would make.
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    @localpost Lots of reviews compare it to Zachtronics items and say its basically a simpler Zachtronics game. For someone dumb like me, that's a grace
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    . pinning for your review on the game
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    Sounds like one of zachtronics early flash games 'Engineer of the people' (It has some crazy Russian name but that's the translation). All you have at your disposal is a board you can put semiconductor and wire on. I'll check this one out thanks mate
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