Man I hate programming tests that have no practical application. I'm not doing one yet, just saw an example question that made me go...ok...I kinda get what you want but..why would you EVER need this. Googled and the consensus is that..*drum roll* you wouldn't ever need it because it's only useful to see if someone can solve it in an interview.

Why not give actual problems or at least actual test cases of things that way you can see if people can solve actual real life problems. Wouldn't that prove that people can reason their way through things or not? See if they can provide a good solution for something that someone else has already encountered instead of some nonsense that wouldn't have an actual practical application?

Maybe it's just me but if you give me a problem that sounds like it's useless for some reason my brain just goes, "Ah this sounds like it's useless, better not actually devote all my brain power to this"...

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    Some interview problems are just abstractions designed to understand the way your brain works, or how logical is your thinking. I like stuff like FizzBuzz or programing a integer-swap-without-a-third-variable or pseudo-code a player for tic-tac-toe or some other paper game. I like those!

    What I don't like is algorithms questions like which sort is best for an array of certain features. I hate it! I have a memory like a sieve, I can't ever relate a name of a sort with the way it works, and Google is my friend. So I never do well on that kind of interviews.
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    @Eariel yeah I agree some are good and can actually be interesting.
    The one that prompted this was equilibrium index of array
    Thought it looked useless. Googled and everyone says, outside of interview, pretty useless.

    Bothers me that actual useful questions aren't asked instead of obscure non actual practical questions aren't used instead
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    This is what actually happens...

    Brian: Hey Jim. Did you forget we're interviewing that candidate today?

    Jim: Oh yeah. Hang on a sec and I'll be right there.

    *Googles "hard programming quizzes" and hits Print*
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    Well this is an online one but I don't disagree
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