Blabbering co-worker rant.

So this bonker who speaks non-stop for 15 minutes without even a breather break is more annoying than I thought.

1. She used to work for a project A and then they moved her to my project. She kept cribbing she wants to continue working on A because that's where her expertise are. So management hired a new team member so she can continue on A and new member can work with me.

Now next week, the new member is joining us. As we prepare the onboarding plan, bonker comes crying that she wants to work on my project and NOT on Project A. She is forcing us to give Project A to new team member.

Manager upfront rejected her proposal and told her that she'd be working on A.

2. She literally gives orders. Her tone is rude and blunt. The other day ordered me to review her presentation and kept following up even when I said I was busy. Same tone and attitude with manager.

Then she complained about my behaviour saying I was a bossy person even when I used the most polite tone (because I have actively worked on and built my social skills).

3. Knows shit about the product, has no skill set, asks the same question 10 times, and isn't able to deliver bare minimum.

And then evidently everyone follows up with me because I am on top of everything (because I have to as bonker can't function).

4. She lied to me that company gives good hikes and easy promotions.

She was kicked out of her previous project because of her incompetency.

Fortunately or unfortunately, my manager saved her ass. But she literally is the most stupid person I have worked with me in my entire career.

5. She has no communication skills, something that is highest valued skill in my profession. And when I do my normal, it pisses her off. She keeps complaining that I am overstepping.

If I don't then product will just fall apart and everyone might get fired because of no work.

And that is causing her insecurities and she starts fear mongering about both of us being fired.

I told our manager upfront that I want to lead the product and she was more than happy about the proposal. What sucks is that my manager is leaving this month end and I'll have to build trust with my new line manager.

Ugh!! She is annoying..

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    "She wants to work on my project" yes hey hey hey sounds different to me đŸ€€đŸ’ŠInternet has ruined and corrupted my mind if you know what I mean.
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    Lets hooe that the new manager firces her to work on A and that she should stay away from you.
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    @Devnergy how's the pervert?

    @stop yes, I hope that too. But they gonna retain her because attrition is high in our team.
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    Ha, that's what you get for hiring a narcissist.
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    @respex I am scared of that term. lol
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    @Floydimus The way to reduce attrition isn't to refuse to fire irritable idiots, any manager worth a fuck would know this.
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    @lbfalvy I just wish that I get to work with smart and caring colleagues.
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    I actually don’t know shit about our product. Been there 8 months as a principal and all I do is bug fixes. I still have very little idea what our product does.
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