Boss: We need this update deployed and propagated before end of day.

Web: done!
Android: done!
Boss: what's the matter?
iOS: 2-3 business days, sir.

Apple and its app review process. Ugh!

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    @Vake93 That's understandable. But then there's a lot of constraints happening in the background. From their slow server building your ipa to getting noticed after submitting for reviewal. It's totally unpredictable.

    App store: Review in Progress

    Boss: Team, we have another new update. We need this asap.

    Web: copy. done!
    Android: updated. done!
    iOS: Oh sht. Not again. Coordinate w me Apple.

    Apple Server: (Processing)

    5000 years later...

    Notice me Apple!
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    Wasn't it one week?
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    @Pampurio 3 days was my fastest. I don't think they check our submission over the weekend. Hmmm...
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    I've had an app process for almost an entire month in the review process.
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    What operations are performed in the review process? Is there a standard set of tests? If so they could provide a downloadable testing suite and an automatic online validation certificate, so if you are in a rush you could test the app yourself and have it delivered in a few hours..
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    I believe apps are manually tested by humans
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