Is it normal to be frustrated when you can't solve the bug for a day and all you can do is update on what you've tried solutions?
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    Some bug are a pain in the ass, until they aren't.

    I had one bug that I was fighting, it went away when I changed a library, showed up again a year later. I finally solved it by looking at some code I needed to work with. Found a huge issue with how the lifetime of certain objects were being handled. It should have failed and crashed and burned. Somehow it had limped along.

    Found some other bugs that happened in code before main() evens executes. This was a different issue, but it sure was wild watching code run before main.
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    Wow. The chances. It's 5:40 AM here and I'm about to go to sleep now. I spent all night debugging a problem that's been bugging me for a few days now. Finally squashed it. I'm just going to sleep now.
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