I sincerely cannot live through another daylight saving time change. I cannot. Please, oh politicans, have mercy upon me. My work deals with 5 different time zones. PLEASE

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    You are right of course. But when they invented it during ww1 they had problems too. The advantages today are very small, especially up here near the polar circle where it makes 0 sense. It's annoying, I agree.
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    Your not the maintainer of some DST packages for Linux or some other system are you? I would sympathize even more, there is always some updates to those packs before every change. Must be a massive frustration!
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    yea, actually why need daylight change. Just change working hours to reflect that. Like if you work at 8 AM, start work at 9 AM and you solve problem. Why need that mess and complication with times
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    you poor snowflake

    don't get depressed now
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    Maybe we should start shifting months too ?
    Everybody complain that it is hot in september, snow in april ?
    Isn't that just because all this time we count at the same rate and seasons on earth actually shift 2-3 days a year ?
    Let's start a thing where when arrived at 31 october, we switch back to 1 october.
    And in march we rollback 1 month. Would be funny...
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    No, that is too much - lets better jump from november 10th to october 20th. Also lets do the daylight saving time switch at the first november 1st.
    But as a full hour really is too much, lets do 50 minutes and ten seconds instead.
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    @Oktokolo r/eyeblech
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    Looks like that is the new rotten.com way more gore-oriented than liveleaks.
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