So guys. I need some help here. I'm watching a YouTube series called 'Coding Math', and the guy uses JS. I primarily use C#. So, I was wondering if anyone had some advice on what to do...keep using C#, or learn JS? I know JS gets a hard wrap for being so...vast... In its number of libraries, and I know C# has some annoying quirks, too.

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    Edit: I also know a big drawback of learning JS would be the other things I would have to learn...HTML, CSS
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    I think you could learn all the core stuff in about a day. You could probably do all the web dev tutorials on codecademy.com in about an hour, then move on from there. Go for it!
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    What the strangely-names @calmyourtities man said.

    Though languages are similar enough that reading a new one shouldn't be difficult at all.
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