This can annoy the hell out of me. When people ask me if they can have your Facebook or whatsapp or something and I'm like 'sorry I don't have that' and they ask why and you explain because privacy reasons and they go like 'oh you're a little paranoid are ya?'.

There's a motherfucking big difference between wanting control over your data as much as possible and being paranoid.

Fucking hell.

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    @moshmage Nope I don't use Google services
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    So how do you message people? Sms?
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    But..but how are they going to know what ads to show you now?
    How do you live with generic untargeted ads?
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    Bit of a dick move to shit over someone elses rant with such sarcastic comments like that...
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    @PRein @linuxxx by using ublock, flashblock and noscript of course ;)
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    Wow... Amazing how so few people understand / **tolerate** someone being a little more conscious about what they do /how they do things online, even here on devrant...

    ??SMS? Ever heard of messengers like Telegram and Signal? (Yes, I have read how the CIA has the ability to spy, but it's more difficult for them.)

    Gmail? ...people still use Gmail? I remember "Gmail Man" from a few years ago, look it up on YouTube.

    Google? I use startpage, sometimes duckduckgo.

    Like @Ghosty said, use ublock, disconnect, etc.
    I can recommend github.com/StevenBlack/hosts

    @Brss: "Arguing that you don't care about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different than saying you don't care about free speech because you have nothing to say"
    - Edward Snowden
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    why don't you create a dummy account and just don't use it? problem solved! 🤘🙈
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    @ryuji Honestly, thank you! And yup I use Signal and TutaNota and sites like duckduckgo indeed :)
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    @zombie01 Signal, whatsapp isn't the only tool to message people
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    Most people around me don't understand that either.
    The fact that all my hard drives are encrypted freaked them out, some even asked what illegal data I had on there.
    Well none, but wanting to protect my data in case someone steals my laptop/pc/smartphone doesn't seem to be reasonable...
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    @Brss I'm not paranoid, I just would like some control over who has and or owns my data. And yes, I've got stuff to hide like personal conversations, personal emails etc.
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    @Chownas Exactly! Also, welcome!
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    Saving this
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    @DeveloperACE Oo did i inspire someone :P
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    @linuxxx 0.0 another tuta user, you're the only person I know who uses it too
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    @ryuji Oo hello fellow tutanota user! Yes I've been using it nearly since it started =)
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    @ryuji what's the problem with gmail again? What is the revolutionary new client that everyone uses now-a-days?
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    @tahnik There isn't a problem for everyone but some people just don't want their emails scanned and profiled
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    @linuxxx I mean the way he said, it felt like gmail is an obsolete service.

    Just wondering, if you don't want your email to be scanned, can't you just turn of personalized ad from the google settings?
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    @linuxxx really? Its quite impressive if u really manage it, i couldn't :D how did you quit google?
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    Even beyond paranoia, I just downright loathe fb's lack of ethics and scientific integrity. They've conducted and published psychological experiments without their users' informed consent and yet manage to get off with a simple apology.
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    So I for example use Facebook and WhatsApp because I feel pressured to. I am one of the few IT guys in my circle of friends. They don't care about privacy at all and say all the things stated above. Well I have nothing to hide but I want my god given privacy. What's so hard to understand about that?
    If i could convince my close friends to using signal or telegram I would immediately delete WhatsApp. Would love to do so but with none using it I nearly have no other choice. If I dont use these things I'm left out on party plannings etc. and I know that since I once tried to leave WhatsApp etc... So sad and makes me furious at some times.
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    @Chownas I don't even really understand the concept of "illegal data"
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    @Ashkin I guess it depends where you are from. E.g. in Germany a lot of people stream or download movies illegally since there is sometimes no legal way to get them. So these files would be considered illegal since they could get your thrown into jail.
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    @linuxxx, I face this as well and I take the "Does this do anything to enrich my life experience?" approach. If a service does not do this, I do not use it.

    Facebook does absolutely nothing for me. I live happily without it. WhatsApp never solved any problems for me so I live without it.
    Cable TV does nothing for me. I happily live without it.

    I challenge folks who argue these points "on my behalf", saying I am not happy without those services.
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    @tahnik Well you could maybe but I don't really believe that google wouldn't scan it anyways. But I use an encrypted provider which I pay for so ye I'm good with that really
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    @moshmage ProtonMail works.
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    @moshmage Gmail as a service works very well for me. It doesn't require any special apps or operating systems or browser (provided the browser is relatively modern).

    I can interact with it via web, application, email client software (if necessary), and even directly through command line.

    For this power, flexibility and sheer "it just works" convenience, I accept the trade-off in privacy Google offers. It fits within my "does this enrich my life experience?" category nicely.
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    @linuxxx then you're a national treasure and my new hero.

    I conceded to Google awhile ago... not proud. Godspeed, sir.
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    You are not paranoid if they are really out there to get you :D

    I wish I could just delete everything that i already have, but being young and stupid I registered everywhere I could and used my real info like an idiot.

    And also haven to many apps linked with my Google and Facebook developer accounts that I can't really transfer and too lazy to create a second profile with less privet info on it.
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    Yup! I'm trying to be more conscious of what I'm putting out there.
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    @Elendil Little late xD. I have one dummy account left for my smartphone but except for that, nope, no google for me! And how... Well... Just using other privacy aware services :)
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