WHY THE HELL DOESN'T THIS METHOD WORK??!11!?? Oh, I never called it yet ._.

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    I feel so retarded when this happens to me.
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    So damn true...
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    Every damn time
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    Omg this is the story of my life!!😂
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    JetBrains grays out methods and variables if they are never used. Nice...
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    Story of my life right now!!
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    9 times out of 10, I will forget to call the new method I just wrote.
    Earlier I even used to spend time debugging it, but now, since I know myself, the first thing I check when my newly implemented stuff doesn't work, is whether I have even called it or not.😂
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    Everytime this happens I die a little bit on the inside
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    Surprisingly, I very rarely do these kind of errors...

    Feels a little bit down for being the odd one out...

    Doesn't know whether to celebrate or feel a little sad...
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    Just happend with me this morning 😂😂😂 my android app was crashing and I was trying to fix xml layout (God knows what I fixed there)
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    Atleast IntelliJ tells you if you have unused functions^^
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    It happens to me as well when I work on the DB. That fucker works better if you sync your changes before testing...
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