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    Always a bad sign.
    Run or become the next dev that gets treated like shit until he leaves without training a replacement.
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    It's great to be in the position for the former. Given the utterly retarded political climate most of the west is in, you'll need all the leverage you can get.
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    @monzrmango as an engineer that is currently in all 3 positions at once, I have to sincerely disagree

    I'm working on systems that nobody knows how they are supposed to work because of 8 iterations of contractors, I helped write the new system to replace it, it's not yet 100% ready so we're using both, plus there is this whole migration plan where many things can go wrong but money and leaving the old system behind asap seem to be more important.
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    Sounds like the problem of companies not creating permanent positions and keeping people busy meanwhile

    For the life of me I don’t understand why smaller development firms aren’t successful as hell
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    @AvatarOfKaine because in FinTech, reputation and years of existence ( eg 50 years ) mean everything to say a Bank paying for your software. Plus in UK we also have IR35.

    And the software I'm talking about are in house systems, not software to sell.
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    @DarkMukke I was assuming house systems.
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    @AvatarOfKaine smaller firms don't have the man power to write in house systems let alone maintain them, they just buy or rent (SAAS) all their systems
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    @DarkMukke as ancillary staff. as contractors.

    lets say you hire a few smaller firms up to develop a product and you arrange them under the same project management team and they work together.

    then you cut back once the major release occurs, and contract one of the firms to stay on and maintain its bits and pieces to augment your inhouse staff. thats what I'm saying.

    there is still familiarity.

    meanwhile in this kind of model resources should be moved efficiently across all kinds of projects and full employment in our sector maintained across the board. thats what i'm saying.
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    @DarkMukke and by smaller firm i mean software houses and development teams. not smaller firms as in abc company with one developer working for them.
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    @AvatarOfKaine no I was talking about under 500 Devs being small. The sizes I'm talking about have everything onprem, including AWS ( outpost ) and slack etc.
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