From one pc problem to the next, today while I thought everything was fine, my pc probably overheated and now the motherboard doesn't seem to boot anymore (rgb turns on, but the lights indicating the current step of the boot don't). I panicked and thought maybe it was the CPU, because it was my first time applying thermal paste and did the thing where I ripped the cooler off the motherboard and the CPU attached to it, which I only learned in retrospect that that was a thing. I slightly bent 2 CPU pins doing that.

So far no reason to be overly pissed than panicked, but then I decided to ask on r/pcmasterrace (or masterinsolent) and boy, probable because I mentioned the game I was playing I was only getting responses like "OP dumb, game doesn't do that. I love this game so much I let the developers fuck my wife while I am playing" instead of trying to help or clear up misunderstandings.

Thankfully a system/server admin I know was able to provide me with advice to fix the bent pins, but the motherboard itself still seems pretty dead.

I'll plug the cpu into my older motherboard tomorrow and see if that might be the reason. If you have additional advice, I would appreciate it

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    Fried motherboard isn't impossible, yet (more) uncommon these days as usually e.g. better condensates etc. are far better.

    Did you check that you didn't actually rip off sth else?

    Best is usually to take the mainboard out, test with only power supply attached and using a jumper pin as a replacement for the power switch on the panel.

    It should power on...

    Check the manual if the MoBo has an audio code for missing CPU register detection / CPU missing in POST.

    The RGB led might only have a subset of the PC speaker codes
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    PC parts have changed for the better, it is pretty hard to overheat stuff, coz everything has thermal protection built-in. Overheating decreases life of components but I've never experienced a dead component due to that.(not impossible though). Most of the motherboards die because of shorted pins, maybe the thermal paste was conductive, or maybe a screw or piece of metal touched the PCB. Your CPU will probably be fine. Get a new mobo.
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    @IntrusionCM @Avyy Thanks for the advice, this may seem anticlimactic but I thought I'd give resetting the CMOS a try and it worked -_-

    This is the second time I've "repaired" my motherboard like this
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    @Awlex As long as it's running :)

    Though to be anticlimactic, too:

    Check if your multiple socket outlet is a good one and if you know a electrician / you yourself have knowledge, check if the wiring is sane...

    Can lead to funky behaviour of all sorts and is not easy to diagnose.

    I only trust multiple socket outlets with an integrated surge protection and earthing.
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