Learning CSS .
Understand CSS shadow today.
Did a little practice..
And come up with this. It's too easy..
Doing more practice just because it's fun 😄 I think that's why most coders code ! Because it's fun 😊 though I know it's not even "programming language" 😂

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    I'll give you a year... By then, you'll be on here ranting about how painful styling up pages can be. Even when using Foundation, Bootstrap, Material Design, etc. :D
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    What I meant by too easy. Is fucking CSS shadow not whole CSS 😒😂😂. I know​ its get very hard to maintain over big website.
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    Yeah agreed, learning one component of CSS is easy then learning whole CSS..
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    It's the easy, fun bits that force you to learn the annoying bits... Keep going
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    thanks yeh keep going keep learning :) @biscuit
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    Can you Vertically center something though?
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    @Aaronmacaron THE golden question 😂
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    @Aaronmacaron and make it responsive, too?
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    Yup I can 😏 I'm super hero I know I know 😂 but it's just took me year to do is so... (rant date) 😂@viadukt
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