Boss: "i need you to build a feature so that customers can do bla bla bla and it has to be done by friday.

Dev: "Ok i can do it fast if you sure this is what you want, and requirements wont change in the future. Have you considered bla bla"

Boss: "Yes do it"

Dev: *writes, tests and deploys code*

A few weeks later:

Boss: "we need to add bla bla to the feature you built since some requirements has changed."

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    Story of my fucking life.

    Story time.

    I designed and built a whole service to meet the needs of multiple teams and their processes.

    It was a work of art.

    On review day, was told it was missed the whole point and was too complicated to use. Was told to remove 80% of the functional components from it.

    Fast-forward two years later. Same group is complaining that it doesn't do what they need it to do, it never did. They want it to do (insert the original functionality).

    Change happened so long ago it would take more effort to make it work instead of just redoing it.

    Happened to me about five more times before I learned my lesson.

    Give these assholes what they ask for, never what they need. You will get shit on, over work, and never get the credit for solving for a problem they didn't even know existed.

    Fucking pieces of shit. 🤮
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    @sariel. I think people need to start thinking of developers as developers and not like some wizard that can solve all their problems.

    As a developer you often need to know how every unit of a business work since you work with their IT systems.

    But that doesnt mean that you are the one responsible for everything! Its not your job to check with customers how they feel about project progress etc etc.

    I was once in a situation where i was writing time estimates for a projects, then one day i thought to myself "wtf am i doing, im a developer why are they making me do person A:s work"
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    @dmoen I actually enjoy being the solve-it guy.

    But when my solution is what you needed because I understand your business processes better than your BA, you're gonna have a salty dev on your hands.
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    @sariel @dmoen
    Stupid stays stupid.
    heres an example:
    PM: idiot client who pays way too much will pay more, if we remove spaces from all instances of phone numbers in the system! They need this ASAP!
    Boss man: Sure! lets do it! should be easy!
    me: Hmmm. A 3m datapoint database migration + code changes to a lot of code files? Maybe 350 files or so? testing the migration in staging will be a nightmare... But ok. Are you guys sure that is the only migration needed?
    PM+Boss: Yes! No more migrations!
    Me: bullshit.
    PM+Boss: We will eat a computer screen if any more changes like this are requested.
    Me: I will talk to IT, and buy a couple of 75" screens, and a bottle of ketchup.
    So After coding a full migration arch to make the current migration easy, and future ones simple, on the basis of "Migration Requests is coming", guess what? same cliemt wants to change a placeholder special value field with another value.....
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    @dmoen we can't argue and complain, we are just corporate slaves that do the work. Cog in the machine. They'll just force you to do it.
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    @sariel just do passable grunt work man. They will always change the requirement even if they say that they don't and you'll have to obey since you are paid 😅
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    It's super common for this to happen. Everytime you ask they say the requirement won't change for the next 5 years. And then it changes 5 days later
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    @Devnergy and THAT is the secret to success.
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    @sariel the secret to not being fired?
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    @Devnergy is there any other success?
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