I hate programming as a profession, I'm done with it. Tried switching jobs, tried all the frameworks, tried different work environments, tried working less, but I don't wanna fool myself anymore. I fucking hate it.

Not sure where I'm going with this, just had to type it out somewhere.

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    Sorry to hear that, hope you find something you like doing.
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    Work tends to make everything shit, sadly.
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    They say you don't work a day in your life if your job is something you love.

    But the reality is that if your job is something you love you will start to hate it because It's now work :( they have lied to us all just so we do the thing we're good at for their profits!

    It's the "you're good with Computers? Fix mi printer" all over again
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    @jAsE-cAsE yes but programming for a living DOES suck :P
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    @jAsE-cAsE WHATS the last emoji with the wifi bars ?
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    Did you try changing industry?

    There is a whole world outside the web and they need devs too.
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