Last job search experience?

I just had an interview today.
15 minutes in, the interviewer isn't done with the dumb questions and is consistent in using incorrect C++ terms. I was close to texting mates about this awful interview but I had camera on, so didn't. (Side rant: hate those entitled interviewing fucks who ask you to turn on your cam while never turning on theirs, and when you ask them, they'll say their connection is weak).

Twice he suggested something wrong or just bad. Corrected his wrong, but he didn't seem to be convinced. Allowed the bad.

Then he asked why am I looking for a change and his reactions to my answers made me realize he hadn't read my resume that was attached with the meeting invite. I assumed he was asking why I'm leaving my current shithole so soon but he was just generally asking why I'm looking for a change. And then he seemed not to believe me when I said I quit because of the stress. Kept asking about other offers and such.

In the end he asked if I'm cool with relocating, and I said not right now, maybe later. All in all, it's not the kind of place that's vibing with me even on short term.

So I'll be back on this week's topic next week too. Perhaps.

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    It would have been over for me for not turning on their camera for me. Either we are 2 people having a convo or we are not. What a joke.
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    No cam, no trust. How could you tell who is actually the one who spoke to you on the other line? Could've been anyone! Seems shady.
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    Haha @Th3-31337
    Though in this case the trust part doesn't apply. What with official email ids and follow up with other people involved.
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    It's fine to break off an interview like that. It is match making, this is not a match, this is just rude.

    You don't have to be equally rude but it is ok to say you are breaking it off. If they ask why it is also fine to say so:
    1. I can't look at you while you can look at me, this is not intended to be an equal footing conversation. At least try the cam to see if it works.
    2. Candidates are expected to be prepared but a candidate can also expect the interviewer to have at least looked at my résumé.

    We are not a cultural fit. This is not what I'll looking for in an organisation.

    If they still don't want to give up:
    3. It is ok if you make technical mistakes you don't have to be an expert. I have worked with this tech for years and not trusting me on super simple basics is insulting. Thank you for your time... <hit red button>
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    @hjk101 thanks for your reaffirmation.
    But I'm not that level of confidence/assertiveness yet.

    I'm getting better though. I strongly rebutted his invalid points and stupid questions. So it wasn't a total waste and sort of helped me build my confidence.
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    @anux I haven't done many interviews but I know a few recruiters (a really had one too, nice person but terrible at her job) and had to conduct my own interviews.

    They tell me that every interview under the belt can be a great learning experience as long as you don't let it get to you. Of course the last bit gets harder with every interview that did not end in a match/offer.
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    @hjk101 yes I believe the same.
    Interviews can give you insights about yourself too.
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    @anux good luck with the hunt! If you have another bad one at least you have material for a nice rant😉
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    @anux Could you give examples of the stupid questions/incorrect information that you had to deal with relating to C++ please?
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    @Polymorphism I hope that guy isn't on here. Out of curiosity are you interviewing on C++?

    I was asked to write basic inheritance code. He said 'can you write a class' and seemed unhappy when I wrote an empty class. The nut that I am, I asked him what I should add and he said, just some members. That was when I started getting irritated and lost respect for him.

    This is a minor quabble but he used initializer list to mean member initializer list. But it is irritating because you are interviewing for C++11. And his question was stupid enough that I had him repeat it twice before finally sharing why it was stupid without saying it was stupid.

    The other questions were similar kind of fluff....(contd.)
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    ...The major wrong I corrected was related to auto generation of move constructor. I had to explain why the compiler won't auto generate it which was the opposite of what he exoected. The one I let slide was a concurrency bug. I wrote it correctly. He had me change it to the buggy implementation. I started explaining myself correctly about why my way was right but then lost my way for a bit. Then while he was talking my reason came back to me but I didn't bother to correct it.
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